Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera in 2023

Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera in 2023

The thing which is used to carry a camera while traveling in the hanging position is called as 3 Point Camera Slinger. As the name itself notifies that the slinger is having three points of contact while carrying. These contact points do not represent that they are attached to the camera at three locations.

They are attached to the camera at one point only whereas these hanging strips are in contact with the body at three different positions. There is the presence of various components which are used to carry a camera they are lockstar, fastener andconnecter. When you buy a camera it is already given with a 2 point slinger.

This slinger is not comfortable to always carry a camera. While you carrying this kind of slinger the camera is always rolling around your neck. Even if you take a quick step or bent over there might of chances of falling the camera onto the earth. If you use 3 point slinger then there are no chance of this horrible situation while carrying the camera.

Introduction of 3 Point Slinger for Camera :

The most important thing is that you should have a good grip on the camera which is provided by the 3 point slinger. The third point slinger is very easy to handle and can be easily used in any situation. This slinger is provided with a shoulder strap which makes the camera more stable while performing the action like running and jumping.

For each and every person who is a beginner in photography, this slinger is must and should to avoid the dropping situations of the camera. This slinger is designed in such a way that you can move your hands all over without any worry and allows you to take a picture quickly.

Which is best 3 point slinger or 2 point slinger?

Since both are used for carrying purposes of the camera. The major difference between the 3 point and 2 point slingers are as follows. In 2 point slinger, the length of the strap is very less which makes the photographer to take a picture in a narrow way. Whereas in the 3 point slinger you can take a picture from a long distance because the length of the straps are larger than the previous one.

At the same time you can adjust the camera at whatever angle you want to take a shot. But this angle adjustment is not possible in 2 point slinger. So it is always preferable to an individual to purchase a 3 point slinger when compared with the 2 point slinger.

How to select a 3 point slinger while purchasing ?

While purchasing anything the buyer must have a clear idea about what he is going to purchase. Here to purchase a 3 point slinger the key factors that we need to look into are,

  1. The type of camera you are using.
  2. Comfort and security of the camera.
  3. Adaptability of an individual with the slinger.
  4. Finally the design of the slinger.

A piece of brief information is mentioned below about all the key components.

Camera type:

Firstly you need to know about your camera type. The camera might be a DSLR, a rapid camera or a mirrorless camera. Each of these camera types are having different sizes and shapes. Because of these conditions there are chances of choosing different types of slingers.

It is important to know how much you can afford for your camera’s features and accessories for shooting. If you are having more than one camera which is used for photography then you can buy a universal-type slinger. That means you can use this slinger for different kinds of cameras irrespective of their shape and size. Depending on the physical presence of the camera firmly choose a slinger that will gear up your grip.

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Comfort and security:

The slinger itself is purchased for the security purposes of a camera. It is also known as a safety device. It has been designed with very good quality and it is made from high-quality material. This slinger is not only capable of taking pictures but also provides you with a great experience.

This slinger is very secure because it is designed in such a way that it will distribute all the weight evenly. All the free movements of the hands of a photographer prove the comfortability of the slinger. This 3 point slinger provides high security to the camera while carrying photo equipment.

Adaptability with the photographer:

The adaptability of the slinger depends on how you set your camera before handling it. First adjust the camera at a suitable height and then check the capacity of the camera including the extra lens. Select the slinger in such a way that you can carry several items for photography at a single time. Once you went through this three points any individual can increase his adaptability with the slinger.

Design :

This is an important feature that we need to notice while purchasing the slinger. Because the purpose of having a classic look is very important for the photographer. There are different types of stylish designs that are available in the 3 point slinger. The colors of the slinger are also very good and they are not too expensive. After finalizing the color go to the type of material used for manufacturing. It is better to purchase a slinger that is made up of leather material.

Best 3 point slingers at present:

By taking all the considerations that are present in the above session, the best slingers are mentioned below.


This model of 3 point slinger is having best safety and durability. It is having an underarm strap that is directly attached to the camera along with the locking elements. In addition to these straps an additional strap is provided to protect the equipment from falling.

BlackRapid Breath Sport :

Another model of this slinger is BlackRapidBreathe Sport which is made up of nylon material. By using this nylon material you can able to adjust the length of the straps easily. Along with this they are provided with metal fasteners to lock the camera. Even there are provided with so many spaces in the straps to store memory card, batteries and other photography accessories.

Like this there are so many types of models that are present in 3 point slingers like USA GEAR TrueSHOT, Cotton Carrier Skout G2, JEATHA Dual Shoulder Leather Harness, PiuQ, Custom SLR Air Strap and so on.

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