How to Fix Pocket Door Scratching 2023

How to Fix Pocket Door Scratching 2023

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to fix your pocket door scratching problem, then the below-mentioned process is the right option. It is very simple to fix and can be done in just minutes. It is also known as the most effective method to remove scratches from the walls that are caused by pocket doors.

These pocket doors bring a lot of beauty to the house at the same time it is having so many drawbacks. Out of all these drawbacks, the most irritating for a person are scratches. These pocket doors are actually used as space savers all around the room. They will create minute cupboards where we can keep our daily needs.

Not only for this purpose, in some kinds of rooms they are used for decoration purposes with different designs and colors. These doors have a separate name known as architectural charming pocket doors.

Pocket Door Scratching Introduction: 

The doors which are closed and opened by sliding process are known as “Pocket Doors”. When we open these pocket doors they will disappear by overlapping with the adjacent door. This is the major advantage of this pocket door because normal doors will require more space to open them. The normal door will swing while opening which causes a lot of inconvenience and damage to the interior walls. As this pocket door is closed by the sliding process it needs to be fixed in a particular order. If any one of the fixing processes goes wrong then there are severe consequences. These consequences include scratches, which can be fixed in an easier way by performing the following actions.

Major reasons for pocket door to scratch:

Before going directly into the fixing process one should know the reasons for scratching. It is very essential for a person to know the reasons because if he knows that then he will automatically prevent next time not to get the same problem. As we all know that preventive methods are always better than resolving methods. If the movement of the door is not free means it stuck somewhere in the middle which causes scratches on the walls. The reasons are,

  1. No proper alignment of the door.
  2. Due to timber that is present inside the cavity.
  3. Absence of lubricating material.
  4. Fixing cheap quality hardware alignments to the door.
  5. Worn out after usage for a long time.
  6. Slipping of the ball bearings and rollers. 7. Because of bends caused due to heavyweight.
  7. Sliding cavity rusted and broken.
  8. Filled with lot of mud particles which restrict the movement of the door.

These are quite common reasons which cause scratches on the walls by the pocket doors.

Methods to fix this pocket door scratching:

Since we have sorted out the reasons for scratching now the only thing that is left is fixing them in a proper way. The methods for fixing them are,

Using optimum or high-quality sliders:

It is better to use a good quality slider so that they will survive for a long time in tough situations also. They are actually two sliding cavities that are present in which one cavity is fixed at the bottom and the other cavity is fixed at the top. These sliders are used for opening and closing of pocket doors.

After buying the suitable sliders use the door guide to arrange them in a systematic manner. usually purchase only the sliders which are provided by popular brands because they use high-quality materials while manufacturing the sliders.

Look around the pocket door:

Sometimes there are scratches that are caused due to external materials like sharp edges, nails, unwanted screws and so on. Here the solution is removing the unwanted screw and nails which are present inside the frame.

They are easily removed by using a professional tool. Once have around look with the help of a torch light. If this process of seeing inside the cupboard is not possible means then you can simply remove the door leaving the frame. After that adjust unwanted nails and screws either by removing or bending them.

Adjust the tracking between two adjacent doors:

For the free movement of any door, the tracks should be clear and perfect. These tracks are easily adjustable. We need to check these tracks frequently so that the door will not stuck in the middle.

Even with the help of a simple screwdriver, we can adjust the tracks of the pocket doors. To adjust these tracks, just gently remove the pocket door then modify the track with the help of the clipper and again screw the track to the wall. After that install the door again in the track path.

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Changing rollers and adding lubricants:

The major cause of scratching is friction. To decrease friction we will use a lot of methods in our general life. In the same way, as the rollers are worn because of usage we need to replace them with new ones. If the pocket door is moving without the help of rollers means then we have to add lubricants to the sliding track. After applying the lubricants to the tracks the door will not stuck in the middle and can moved smoothly from one side to the other side.


Most of the people who are more likely to use these pocket doors are paying thousands of amount to the person who is repairing them. But without paying a single rupee to anyone an individual can repair their pocket doors by using the above methods. In the above session, all the solutions for scratching are discussed in a detailed manner.

It is very important to know about the best way of fixing these problems by selecting a suitable procedure. In the beginning, you will feel very tricky to fix these pocket doors whereas by practicing so many times you can easily fix any kind of scratch problems in the pocket doors within a few minutes.

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