How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot?

How to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot?

Most important thing that a person needs to be celebrated in the present days is his or her birthday. It’s the day when you get your first chance to celebrate with your loved ones and friends. Birthdays are always a great occasion for people to celebrate their life, but they also have some special things to do.

At the same time remembering the birthday dates of so many people is quite difficult. So we need to set a reminder for a person’s birthday with the help of an application. This HubSpot is a platform where an individual can add birthday dates and can set the remainders for those dates. This platform will automatically send a reminder to his or her user’s smartphone on the date of birth.

This way, he or she can easily remember the birthdays of his or her friends and family members. This information which is furnished below is very helpful for all those who have not yet started using HubSpot.

Introduction to Add Birthday Field to HubSpot

HubSpot is relationship management software for the customer who is using it. The headquarters of this software is located in Boston which is situated in Massachusetts. This platform not only offers birthday applications but also has exclusive tools which are used for email marketing, lead capturing and contact center management.

In addition, this application has a feature called ‘ calendar integration’ which allows you to create your own calendars based on the tasks you need to complete. This helps you to manage your calendar with ease and convenience by just clicking on the calendar button. It also provides you with an option to add custom dates and times for birthdays.

How to create an account in HubSpot?

Whenever we are creating any type of online account we need to submit a piece of our information to the respective site that we are enrolling in. Here in this HubSpot also, we need to give some sort of information while creating an account on their website. The steps to create a HubSpot account are,

  1. First visit the official website of HubSpot using a browser.
  2. After visiting the site you will see the homepage of the HubSpot website.
  3. You will notice two options there like login and create an account.
  4. In that click on create account button.
  5. Next you are navigated to a new page where you have to enter your information. 6. The fields of information are e-mail and password.
  6. Enter a relevant mail and create a password that you can use to access the account.
  7. Then tap on create button.

Like this you can easily create your own account on the HubSpot website.

Adding birthday field to the HubSpot account:

Once the process of creating an account in HubSpot is completed then the only that is left is to add a birthday field to your account. By adding the birthday field to the account then the people in your contacts can see your birth date in your profile. Before adding the birthday field remainder to track the friend’s birthday. It is necessary for a person to add his birthday to his or her profile.

 How to add birthday to their profile?

Go to the website and login into your account using your email and password. In that tap on the settings button. Under the settings menu click on the user profile. Then press my profile icon in that, tap on the edit profile option.

The editing profile window will appear on the screen. Next, go to the birthday option in it and enter your birthday. After that click on the enter button. In this, you can add your birthdate to your profile.

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Add birthday field to HubSpot:

After completing the above process, you can carry out the following process. By this process you can easily remember your friends’ and relatives’ birthdays. To track their birthday the steps are,

  1. Login into your account on the HubSpot website.
  2. In that click on the setting option on the top right comer.
  3. After that scroll down to the bottom portion to locate the properties icon.
  4. This properties option is preset under the management option.
  5. Then click on the create property option. 6. Enter the required details and press on the next button.
  6. After that list options are displayed on the screen in that choose the date picker. 8. finally click on create option.

Up to now you have added the birthday field to the HubSpot account by following the above steps.

Getting automated birthday emails from HubSpot:

One of the best features of this HubSpot platform is sending automated emails to the users who are registered on their website. Once you set a command to send the automated emails then from that point onwards every year on that particular day you will receive an e-mail from their team. To enable this option one needs to allow their username and password to be used for the purpose of sending a message through the mail.

Before sending emails to the user it will first ask the user’s permission to access the contacts list from the database. This e-mail basically includes the details like the name of the person as per in the contact list, their birth date including the year and will display any note if it is described while adding their contact.


In our day-to-day life it is quite difficult to remember lot of things for our daily purposes. In such cases, we can’t even remember the birthdays of five members accurately. But this HubSpot will serve in an excellent way by reminding each and every person’s birthday who is on the contact list.

The best part is that you can also send them a personalized message which Includes greetings through HubSpot itself. If a person wishes his friend or relative on their birthday the bond between them is automatically increased.

But the only thing every person suffer is to sort out how to remember their birthday. If we add manually reminders to our calendar of a smartphone it will require a lot of time and work to feed them properly. But by using the HubSpot website we can complete this process in a few minutes.

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