Vivo Flying Camera Phone Price & Specifications

Vivo Flying Camera Phone Price & Specifications

Vivo is the number one leading company that is producing the finest smartphones. Almost all thephones that are launched by the Vivo company are having advanced features and specifications, The team of Vivo announced that they have been working with the best manufacturers from along time to launch the Vivo Flying Camera Phone.

It is the upcoming smartphone that is spotted recently at TENAA. This announcement is not official but there are high chances of releasing this model soon.Each and every people all over the world are waiting from so many years to have the first look of this flying camera phone.

Vivo Flying Drone Camera Phone


Vivo smart phones manufacturing company is ready to launch a new smart with the capability of the flying camera. They named this camera as “Drone camera”. The model of the phoneconsisting flying camera is Vivo X21. This is the best opportunity for people who are wishing purchase a smartphone based on the camera clarity and functionality.

The phone is coming with all the inbuilt features having excellent performance. Along with that they have added this drone camera which is a revolutionary idea in the field of the mobile camera.The camera has been one of the most significant characteristics of the smartphone from past few Years. But in the period of smartphone generations, it’s even more valuable as the way of measuring real quality of the image from phone.

The most common topic that the people often think is the improvement of camera in this smartphones. For all such kind of problems which are arising frequently, the better solution is the Vivo flying camera phone which is going to launch in few months.

Vivo Flying Camera Phone Specifications:

*This smartphone is consisting of the 5.5 inch HD display screen.

*It will run with the android operating system.

*13 mega pixel rear camera and 5 mega pixel front camera.

* Finest 200 mega pixel flying camera (Drone facility camera)

* Inbuilt recognizer with the 3D scanner.

* Coming with the AMOLED screen.

* About to have a weight up to 228 grams.

* With the RAM of 12 GB which is expandable up to 16 GB.

* Having the storage of 128 giga bytes which can be expended up to 256 giga bytes with the help SD card.

* Very high speed processor compatible for performing multiple tasks at a time.

* Having the capability of the 3500mAh battery pack up.

Price and launch date:

Since the official notice is not yet released the tentative information is, they are going to release

this model into the market on December 28 in 2022. At a price of 1170 us dollars which is approximately 95045 rupees. High-end Qualcomm and snapdragon 8+ with 15th generation.

We don’t have to worry about the moisture present in the air because it is coming with waterproof and splashproof. All the android patches are available up to date with the updates. Available with stunning features with type-C fast charging.

Operating the drone camera:

Normal drone cameras are operated with the help of the joystick. This operating joystick is connected to the drone which is consisting camera and these two devices are connected through Bluetooth. Even if one device stops working properly the flying drone will directly crash into the earth. But without any joystick and Bluetooth connection, we can operate this Vivo flying camera simply with the help of phone itself.

For the purpose of handling the normal drone we need to take specialized training to operate it with the joystick. Which is given by the senior most professional people in the flying drone section. But for this camera drone doesn’t need any training we can operate it directly. Even a person who is having a small idea about the video games can operate this Vivo flying camera.

Firstly we have set the limit for the altitude that means up to which height the drone is going into the air. After that go to the camera option in your phone. Then tap on more option. Next click on the drone camera icon. Immediately after clicking that option the screen of the phone will turn into the landscape and the drone camera will come out from it’s slot horizontally.

The consoles that are present on the screen are up, down and four directions. Along with them the camera view point like wide angle, short range, zoom in, zoom out and so on. Finally speed at which the drone camera should move in the air.

Camera specialty:

Cameras on the phone usually include the typical camera lens, a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens. All this lens are arranged in a certain order to get a high quality image. The telephoto lens allows users to take a picture of distant objects, while the wide-angle lens allows the people to take the picture in a broad area with the perspective of the short focal length.

On the front-facing display there is normally one selfie camera notch and, in some instances, the wide-angle lens. The best thing about the vivo flying camera phone is its features with the advanced technology.


The most touted and exciting recent feature in the present year’s phone is current triple-camera method along with the drone camera. Placed in the square phase on the backside of the smart phone. Allthese specifications represent all kinds of advantages to those who need accurate, high-end achievement in the image clarity.

Spending lakhs of money on the cameras to shoot a shot is very difficult situation for the normal people. Because all the camera which are used shooting purposes are having separate lenses as well as handlers. But by using this Vivo flying camera you can able to shoot HD quality shots with the even enhancement. At the same time, it is coming at the reasonable price that a normal people can able to purchase.

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